Suffering from Dental Phobia? Here Are 4 Solutions

Suffering from Dental Phobia? Here Are 4 Solutions
Posted on December 16, 2019

Although routine for most people, a trip to the dentist can invoke fear, panic and anxiety in countless others. Here at Stoney Creek Dental, we work hard to make a dental appointment as stress-free and comfortable as possible. And that goes for patients who have dental phobia, or a fear of the dentist, too! The following are three possible solutions for overcoming dental phobia:

Buddy System

Some of our patients relax more by bringing a trusted friend or family member with them into the treatment room.

Merely having someone you love nearby can invoke a sense of calmness throughout your appointment. You may think that having a family member or friend in the dental treatment room is for children-only, but in our office, we do whatever we can to make you feel comfortable.

Sedation Dentistry

We are proud to be one of the area’s offices to offer various forms of sedation:

  • Inhalation sedation, otherwise known as “laughing gas,” involves breathing in nitrous oxide and oxygen to invoke relaxation
  • Oral sedation entails swallowing a pill or liquid prior to your appointment
  • Asleep dentistry, or general anesthetic, is intravenous sedation utilizing an intravenous line that is inserted into your bloodstream through which a drug is administered. This is administered and monitored by a separate medical team, which is led by an anesthesiologist. This method of sedation will put you to sleep. Once your treatment is complete, you will be wakened by the medical team, and your ride will take you home.

Upon learning about your dental anxieties, our dental team will suggest the recommended sedation method. Regardless of the type chosen, our goal is to put you at ease with your dental treatment.


Connecting with others who also struggle with a dental phobia has helped as well. However, if you have an extreme case of anxiety, then you should consider seeking help from a licenced mental health professional such as a psychologist or psychiatrist. Speak to your physician for a referral.

The Bottom Line

No matter how extensive your dental phobia is, you will be able to overcome your fear with one (or more) of the solutions above. And it’s crucial that you do! Regularly attending dental appointments helps you avoid tooth decay, unattractive teeth and serious health issues.

For more information about the dental phobia solutions we offer, contact our friendly team today.

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"My family and I have been going to Stoney Creek Dental for over 15 years. All of the office staff is friendly and courteous. I love that they offer evening appointments to accommodate the working family. The team is professional and I know that they always put my families health as a priority. The hygienists are great with kids and make them comfortable and relaxed, my daughter actually asks, “when are we going back to the dentist?” I have complete confidence with Dr. Park and his team for all of our dental needs." - Denise A

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