Top 5 Foods for a Healthier Smile (including dark chocolate)

Top 5 Foods for a Healthier Smile (including dark chocolate)
Posted in dental , smile Posted on August 13, 2018

Sure, you may brush and floss regularly, but did you know that your diet plays a huge part in oral hygiene health, too?

If you want a healthy smile, it’s important that you’re eating a tooth-friendly diet that provides adequate nutrition. Doing so prevents oral diseases, keeps your smile bright and your gums healthy.

Get started on a healthier smile today by integrating more of these five healthy foods into your diet.

  1. Cheese and Yogurt for Healthier Teeth

Good news for cheese lovers! Chewing cheese increases saliva in your mouth and raises the pH level. Besides lowering the risk of tooth decay, the calcium and protein found in cheese strengthen tooth enamel.

Like cheese, yogurt is full of beneficial calcium and protein, keeping your teeth strong. The probiotics found in yogurt helps to remove bad bacteria from your mouth, resulting in fewer cavities. Just be sure to choose a sugar-free variety of yogurt to enjoy its full benefits.

  1. Fish and Flax for Omega-3s

Gum disease, caused when bacteria collects in pockets resulting in damaging inflammation, can be prevented by choosing anti-inflammatory nutrient-rich foods.

The most effective anti-inflammatory nutrients are Omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in fish, fish oil and flaxseed.

  1. Limited Citrus Fruit

Saliva has a range of benefits from helping to neutralize acids in your mouth to protecting tooth enamel.

Citrus fruit such as oranges and grapefruits will increase saliva flow and decrease the amount of time harmful bacteria spend on your teeth.

The amount of these fruits should be in moderation though as they are naturally acidic.

  1. Cocoa - Dark Chocolate

Chocolate may not be as bad for you as you think!

Cocoa substances decrease inflammation and may even help protect against erosion and decay. When choosing your variety, go for dark chocolate – it’s lower in sugar than milk chocolate.

Similar to citrus fruits, consumption should be in moderation as well.

  1. Leafy Greens, Carrots and Apples

Besides contributing to a healthy smile, leafy greens have a whole range of health benefits, especially for the heart. High in calcium, they help build tooth enamel, too. Their vitamin and mineral-rich substance are low in calories, making leafy greens such as kale and spinach a great diet choice.

Carrots and apples, both full of fibre, not only increase saliva production in your mouth but also reduces the risk of cavities.

Foods to Avoid for Oral Health

Now that you know what foods are best for oral health, are you wondering which ones you should try to avoid?

Sugary drinks, which produce a high amount of acid, lead to eroded enamel and cavities. Same goes for candy and highly-sweetened snacks that are loaded with sugar. Since they stick to your teeth, saliva has a harder time to wash their harmful bacteria away.

Starchy foods like bread, pasta and rice increase acid levels from bacteria in the mouth, damaging tooth enamel. Coffee, tea and red wine result in the same tooth damage – plus cause staining on your teeth.

For more tips on foods to enjoy and avoid, contact your dentist today!

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