How Often Should You Get a Dental Cleaning?

How Often Should You Get a Dental Cleaning?
Posted on March 25, 2020

Regardless of how you feel about visiting the dentist, regular dental cleaning appointments are necessary for optimal dental hygiene.

Wondering how often you should be getting professional teeth cleaning and what will happen if you don’t? We’ve got the answers for you here.

The Importance of Getting Your Teeth Cleaned

To keep your teeth in excellent condition, prevent costly dental treatments and improve your oral and overall health, you need to practice effective oral hygiene habits. Although a lot of the work can be done at home by yourself – from brushing and flossing regularly to practicing healthy food and lifestyle habits – getting your teeth cleaned by a professional still plays a key role in achieving optimal oral health.

At a dental cleaning appointment, much more is done than getting your teeth thoroughly cleaned. Time is also spent checking for dental issues such as cavities, tooth damage, gum disease, jaw joint functioning and teeth positioning. Your dentist will also look for more serious health concerns, including suspicious growths and cysts and mouth or throat cancer.

Any personal concerns such as teeth sensitivity or skin colour changes in your mouth can be individually addressed by your dentist.

Since some underlying dental issues are invisible to the naked eye, dental x-rays show evidence of cavities under existing fillings, fractures, tooth decay, bone loss, gum decay and impacted wisdom teeth. Dental x-rays aren’t done at every teeth cleaning appointment, only when necessary or recommended.

How Often Should You Get Your Teeth Cleaned?

Dentists recommend you get your teeth cleaned every six months.  By seeing your dentist every six months, they can catch small issues before they get out of hand. 

To find out how often you should get a dental cleaning, you’ll need to ask your dentist. As the professional most familiar with your oral hygiene needs, they will be able to determine your recommended frequency.

Many times, patients are recommended to receive yearly exams, whereas others with unique needs should visit their dentist more frequently. For example, patients at a higher risk for periodontal (gum) disease may benefit from dental cleanings more often than every six months.

The Length of Dental Cleaning Appointments

It may be a struggle to get yourself to the dental office, but once there, you will be amazed at how quickly a regular dental cleaning takes! Typically lasting only 30 minutes to one hour, your dental cleaning will be over before you know it – making you wonder why you dreaded it so much in the first place.

You can usually expect the entire appointment to be painless, too. Only a minority of patients experience soreness and slight bleeding following their dental cleaning appointments.

Getting Your Teeth Cleaned in Stoney Creek, Ontario

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